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Jake Chodosh, Artist

Jess and I set up ArtismbyJake to show off Jake's art. There, I said it. He's really good at painting and we’re big show offs. We always knew that our friends and family would enjoy seeing his work but it's been a total delight to watch the project grow beyond that.

Jake has been invited to showcase at Autism's Got Talent on May 10th at the Mermaid Theatre, London. The event is run by UK Autism charity Anna Kennedy Online and "is a platform for talented individuals with autism to wow the audience and show off their skills and talents." There will be a variety of talent showcasing at the event, including actors, singers, musicians and dancers. Anna Kennedy sums it all up rather nicely - “it is extremely important that people with autism have an outlet." Couldn't agree more.

We received a press release last week in the build up to the event and much to our excitement, Jake was on the release under the full list of acts showcasing their talents:

Jake Chodosh – London-Artist - - age 19

This was exciting for different reasons. First, they lied about his age (he's 20) and as we know, all the best celebs lie about their age. Second was 'Artist'. No extra labels, just Artist.

Jake's an Artist. That's really cool.

More information on the event can be found here. If you or anyone you know would like to attend Autism’s Got Talent please email

- Katie

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