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The Fish Police

The Fish Police are a three piece band from South London. Their sound is a solid combination of funk, pop, electronica and hip hop that's inspired by popular culture and Japanese anime. The band (who are supported by the amazing arts organisation Heart n Soul) are also influenced by singer Dean Rodney and guitarist Matt Howe’s autism.

Dean Rodney - lead vocalist, songwriter and front man "pictures the world as if it were a TV show - he takes things he observes in his own life and twists them into unique creations." The tunes are catchy - I dare you not-to bop along to Fish Water (featured above). The lyrics are refreshing - 'Chicken Nuggets for Me' is, as you might guess, the story of how one man likes his chicken whilst 'Japanese Girl' tells the mildly heart-wrenching tale of a Japanese Girl he can't talk to, because she keeps falling asleep in class.

Jess and I went to see The Fish Police at The Macbeth in Hoxton. This was one night out of an eight day UK tour. Whilst you have to recognise that this is, in itself, a huge accomplishment for musicians with learning disabilities, this really wasn't the focus of the gig. The place was packed out. And the last time I checked, people don't go to gigs out of sympathy.

If you're into danceable music with lyrics worth listening to, get involved. You can listen to and purchase the album 'The Marzipan Transformations' on bandcamp and/or iTunes. Have fun.

- Katie

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