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Jake's art features in new ebook 'The Memory Machine'


We are very excited to report that Jake's paintings are featured in a brand new ebook 'The Memory Machine'

We met Denise Chapman Weston - author, Professional Playologist and specialized play therapist to deaf and autistic children - via Katie's Huffington Post blog. Denise liked what she read and got in touch via the artism website. It turned out that Jake's story really echoed the story of The Memory Machine and we were delighted when Denise asked us to get involved.

The Memory Machine is about a non-verbal autistic boy called Blue and his 18 year old sister Anna. They build a fantastical machine on the family farm in the hopes of bringing back lost memories for their grandfather who is suffering from Alzheimers. Blue communicates through his artwork, and his sister Anna is very protective and supportive of him.

We rarely see stories written through the eyes of those with autism - they are often told via parents or those who 'live with a child with autism' - but The Memory Machine is told from Blue's perspective and in the nonverbal way in which he sees the world (his drawings). The animated illustrations mean that the story matches the thought patterns of autism so that like minds can read his story, with its non-verbal style of delivery.

The Memory Machine is a multi-media story that is told from two different perspectives - the voice of Anna is told using narrative, web-links and images. The non-verbal, autistic “voice” of Blue is told through his 230 page illustrated journal, animations and 8mm camera lens. Using a digital device and media-melt technology the story literarily comes to life in your hands.

The Memory Machine captures the essence of why we started Artism - acceptance, purpose and celebration of individuality. Blue’s beautiful art, his fierce sibling love, and ability to defy expectations are very real and true to our life with Jake. This wonderful story is truly a glimpse into the life of those who live with autism.

The Memory Machine is available to purchase on Amazon and iTunes. You can check out Jake's pictures in the chapter 'Meet Jake and his sisters' or online.

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